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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, USDA certified - Avani Organics

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, USDA certified

Alteya Organics

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Cananga Odorata
Pure Essential Oil from India
Certified Organic by USDA and Ceres GmbH

Pronounced Eee-lang Eee-lang, this euphoric oil raises the spirit and opens the heart to sensual moods.  Its alluring, exquisite aroma is flowery and sweet in a way that will delight your senses.  It inspires creativity, boosts self esteem and promotes peace, joy and inner trust.  Ylang-ylang is an oil that belongs in everyone’s perfumery.

Therapeutic use: It eases the mind, releases nervous tension and helps the whole body relax.  Ylang Ylang can help release romantic emotions as it relaxes the body and when added to a carrier oil, creates a romantic massage oil or perfume.  Also lifts anxiety and depression, encourages calm, reduces anger and tension and stabilizes mood swings.

Skincare/Cosmetic use:  Ylang-ylang is known as a natural regulator of sebum, and can be applied on mature and youthful skin due to its balancing effect on both skin types. When diluted in carrier oils, it is often used to impart fuller, more luxurious hair and encourage healthy scalp.  

Aroma:  Middle-Base.  Richly-floral, sensual and richly sweet and bursting with lingering sweetness that delights the senses.



Size: 10ml

Made in Bulgaria


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