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Sensitive Toothpaste - Avani Organics

Sensitive Toothpaste

Logona Naturkosmetik

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A common cause of hypersensitive teeth are exposed root surfaces. Thus, the dentinal tubules are exposed, and external stimuli can go directly to the tooth nerve. The mineral ingredient potassium chloride in the toothpaste is sensitive known for its calming effect on exposed tooth nerve and can reduce pain sensitivity. In addition, the toothpaste contains sensitive soft abrasives of silica gel. Remove coverings, without attacking the enamel. Organic Chamomile * -, organic sage * - and organic witch hazel extract * are anti-inflammatory and strengthen the gums. No synthetic colorings, flavorings or preservatives and free of fluoride.

Other Properties: Vegan, Gluten-free, Fluoride-free, Lactose-free

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, water, silica, potassium chloride, wood sugar, xanthan, wash-active amino acids, alginate, witch hazel extract *, sage * extract, chamomile extract *, blend of essential oils, essential oil ingredients, titanium dioxide

*certified organically grown | **natural essential oils 

Size: 75ml

Made in Germany


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