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About Us

Welcome to Avani Organics!

We are a Malaysian green beauty boutique specializing in natural, organic, and non-toxic skincare and makeup products. The vision of Avani Organics is a natural skincare and natural therapy store for people that cares about their health, are concerned about the environment, and who values ethical beauty.   

 As today's consumers become more aware of the ingredients they're putting into their body and on their skin, we are here to help your concerns.  At Avani Organics we are transparent and carry certified beauty brands that confirms that products are 100 percent natural and organic. We pay attention on the ingredients in our products that we carry and every items are carefully chosen to be free of harmful chemicals and animal testing.  

Our mission is to be your trusted source for totally natural, safe and effective skincare products.  Discover our clean beauty brands and make Avani Organics your preferred destination for healthy beauty.  


Why shop with us?

  • Our 100% Natural Commitment: 

You can shop with confidence knowing that our brands are carefully selected and tested with 100% natural ingredients with organic ingredients wherever possible, no exceptions.  

  • Wide Choice:

    We aim to provide unique and wide choices of natural skincare solutions for people with all kinds of skin types and conditions. 

    • Authentic & Certified:

    We don't compromise on ingredient purity.  This makes it even more important that only authentic and certified products are found in our store.

    • Strictly No Synthetic Substances:

    You won't find any synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colors or synthetics of any kind in our natural products. We insist on NO Toxins, NO Parabens, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO Artificial Colorants, NO Petroleum Derived Products, NO Nano Particles and NO Chemicals.

    • Guilt Free : No Animal Testing, No Cruelty & No Animal By products:

    We only stock products made by companies who do not test their products on animals or contains ingredients of animal by products, nor pay third parties to carry out animal testing for them.

    • Product Transparency

    All ingredients used are listed out alongside our products for you to have easy access to trustworthy information so that you can make informed choices.

    (View our products certifications here!)  

    At Avani Organics, we hope to share, educate and energize conscious consumers who will savor our natural skin care products in their daily wellness rituals.  We will continue to expand on our array of luxurious, effective, natural and ethical products to better cater to your lifestyle and needs.   

    Happy shopping at Avani Organics!