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Peppermint Essential Oil, demeter - Avani Organics

Peppermint Essential Oil, demeter


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100% Natural & Certified Demeter Cultivation

Stimulating and refreshing

Farfalla´s peppermint is grown at a demeter co-operative in southern Piedmont. Peppermint has a powerful scent, excellent for mental fatigue and is stimulating in cases of tiredness and lack of energy. It has a cooling and purifying effect, and helps to increase concentration and clear thinking. Pleasantly refreshing when travelling.

Caution: The use of this essential oil is not recommended for babies and children!

Essential oils by Farfalla are 100% natural, almost all oils originate from organic cultivation or are fair traded, organic wild collection (FairWild).

Ingredients (INCI): Mentha piperita

Origin: Italy

Size: 10ml

Made in Switzerland

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