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Rosemary Essential Oil, USDA certified - Avani Organics

Rosemary Essential Oil, USDA certified

Alteya Organics

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Rosmarinus officinalis
Pure Essential Oil from Bulgaria
Certified Organic by USDA and Ceres GmbH

Rosemary oil is a stimulant.  When inhaled, the distinctive and wonderfully fresh, herbal aroma of Rosemary refreshes the senses and increases mental stimulation.  

Therapeutic use:  Useful in treating chronic fatigue and respiratory conditions.  When diffused, can also be helpful as an expectorant/decongestant.  Also beneficial in massage blends, increasing circulation and warmth to the skin and underlying muscles.   Rosemary is also a known analgesic to alleviate aches and pains.

Skincare/Cosmetic use: It has many skin care applications, including adding to a shampoo to aid in maintaining a healthy scalp and encourage hair growth.& improves blood circulation.  

Aroma: Middle-Top note.  Herbaceous, camphorous, and slightly floral and medicinal.



Size: 10ml

Made in Bulgaria


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